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University of New Hampshire




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Tel:  603.205.0916

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Teaching and Research Interests


critical, cultural, and historical approaches to study of media

popular music studies

cultural policy studies

political economy of communications

democratic communications

social movements

media ethics

media theory

media law and policy

media history

digital media

social/cultural theory


Curriculum Vitae (current as of 1/2014)


Current Courses:


University of New Hampshire


“Seminar: Digital Public Sphere” (CMN 696.07), Spring 2014.

“Seminar: Sports, Media, and Society” (CMN 696.05), Spring 2014.

“Race, Gender, and Class in the Media” (CMN 567.01.02), Spring 2014.


Previous Courses:


University of New Hampshire


“Seminar: Digital Public Sphere” (CMN 696.07), Fall 2013.

“Seminar: Environmental Communication” (CMN 696.08), Fall 2013.

“Seminar: Global Media” (CMN 696.09), Fall 2013.


Young Harris College


“Media Advocacy and Democracy” (COMM 3840), Spring 2012.

“Media Ethics” (COMM 2998), Spring 2012.

“Introduction to Public Speaking-Honors” (COMM 1100H), Spring 2012.

“History and Economy of Telecommunications” (COMM 3800), Fall 2011.

“Introduction to Human Communication” (COMM 1000), Fall 2011.

“Media Law and Policy” (COMM 3830), Spring 2011.

“Media Literacy” (COMM 2810), Fall 2010.

“Introduction to Public Speaking” (COMM 1100), Fall 2010-Spring 2012.


University of Colorado at Boulder

“Media, Research, and Popular Music” (JOUR 4861), Fall 2007.

“Contemporary Mass Media” (JOUR 1001), Fall 2006.